What is 'Shut Down T&S Rabbits'?

‘Shut Down T&S Rabbits’ is a grassroots pressure campaign. We aim to close all T&S farms and ensure the rehoming of all rabbits currently imprisoned in them. We organise protests, object to planning applications, conduct investigation work, distribute leaflets, carry out outreach in communities near T&S’s farms, and more.


We are a decentralised campaign and welcome anyone who wants to take action to free the T&S rabbits. You do not need our permission to organise a demo or whatever else you wish to do to help shut down T&S.

Campaign Resources

What is T&S?

T&S is a British rabbit fur and flesh farm owned by property developer Phil Kerry. 


Phil previously owned fur farms in Derbyshire and Rutland, which closed due to campaigning and public outcry. He failed to open new rabbit farms in Buckinghamshire and Cornwall thanks to local residents and people across the country submitting countless objections to his applications. 


Currently, T&S  has one active meat and fur farm in East Bridgford, Nottinghamshire.  


We have consistently shown conditions on T&S farms to be filthy. The rabbits are subjected to a poor diet and no medical care. As a result, mite infestations, urine staining, and high mortality rates are rampant.

Where Can I Take Action?

The map below shows every business and facility owned by Phil Kerry and T&S Rabbits (click here for a list):

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